A bit of sci-fi for your viewing pleasure

Posted Tuesday 12 May 2020

shepherd poster_430x632

Check out Dr Julia Reynolds' first feature film, science-fiction epic Shepherd, now available online at Vimeo. Shepherd tells the story of sixteen-year-old Eden (played by Reynolds' daughter Olivia) who is struggling to survive in a dystopian future. When Eden comes across an old tourist map she has been dreaming about she is faced with leaving the only life she knows to follow the map.

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NZIFF to bring arthouse to your house

Posted Tuesday 12 May 2020

This winter we'll be enjoying the New Zealand International Film Festival from the comfort of our own homes. With COVID-19 restrictions in place and likely to continue for some months, cinemas and entertainment venues around the country are closed or will remain under stringent gathering and social distancing limitations. So, the NZIFF team are bringing us the New Zealand International Film Festival At Home - Online, from 24 July to 2 August, 2020, with a world-class curated programme of world and New Zealand premiere films. Director of the film festival Marten Rabarts says the team is working on upgrading existing technology to ensure a smooth video on-demand experience, complete with virtual red carpets and filmmaker Q&A's. Full information on the programme and details on viewing films via the online platform will be announced on Monday 22 June.


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NZIFF 2020 curate team

International guest curators (left to right): Violeta Bava, Vicci Ho, Bird Runningwater and Alesia Weston.