Golovina is crowdfunding for a love song!

Posted Wednesday 27 May 2020

Golovina is crowdfunding for a love song!

Support a fellow WIFTer and donate to Valeriya Golovina's BOOSTED campaign which is raising money for her short documentary Mawhialeo Ote Alowha / Our Love. The doco tells the story of Meli and Avito Alefosio who came to New Zealand from Tokelau in the 1970s to seek medical assistance for their blind son Joseph. Forty three years on, Meli and Avito have become the heart of a new community in Naenae, Wellington where they strive to continue the culture of their home. Valeriya needs to crowdfund for the license fees for a song used in this short film as well as festival submission fees.

Here's the link - go on, give Valeriya and her crew a BOOST!


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Leadership in the screen industry webinar

Posted Wednesday 27 May 2020

Pick the brains of some successful leaders in this topical webinar run by the Auckland Screen Alliance. A panel of leadership experts will explore how leaders of screen industry businesses can connect authentically with their people. Learn also how relationships with employees and contractors can make the screen industry a bit more complex than other sectors. The panel will share their expertise highlighting key leadership principles and demonstrating how you can use these to successfully navigate change and challenging business environments, how to get the best out of your team and the teams you are a part of, and how to build effectiveness and resiliency within these teams.

When: 2pm, Thursday 28 May (that's tomorrow, people!)

Click here to register


Craig Hudson: Managing Director of Xero Aotearoa.

Grant Difford: CEO and Founder of Waking Giants.

Pat MacFie: Global Director of Design and Innovation at Indigo.

Victoria Spackman: ONZM for services to theatre, film, and television, independent director and creative leader.

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