Lowe's Water series goes live with a little help from her (WIFT) friends

Posted Wednesday 13 May 2020

We're thrilled to see that Magnolia Lowe's documentary series Water-Rapuhia, kimihia: Quest for knowledge has just been launched on Newsroom. We recommend you watch this series, it really is unmissable.

Click here to see the series trailer

Click here to see the first episode, Fresh Water

Magnolia and the team finished filming at the beginning of the pandemic, and managed to complete post-production remotely during the lockdown.

Meanwhile it was cheering to hear that the WIFT network is going strong: Magnolia discovered producer Sam Blackley via an item in eNews and met Trinity Ludlow (the Water series editor) through a Wellington workshop we hosted last year. Another WIFT member Gwen Isaac stood in to film on some of the shoots. Way to go ladies!

The next episode, Sea Level Rise comes out on Friday 15 May.