Maoriland gallery goes online

Posted Tuesday 12 May 2020


When COVID-19 shut the doors of the Toi Matarau gallery and exhibition space in late March, it cut short months of preparation that had gone towards the seventh M?oriland Film Festival. So the M?oriland team quickly adopted Plan B, and Toi Matarau is now online. Toi Matarau is the expression of multi mixed media toi M?ori, encompassing all disciplines both traditional and contemporary, established to support local artists of the Art Confederation; Te ?ti Awa, Ng?ti Raukawa, Ng?ti Toa Rangatira in ?taki and K?piti.

Click here to check it out in all its online glory!

11 year old Awhina Osborne is one of the artists featured in Toi Matarau.