NZFC announces production investment funding

Posted Tuesday 26 May 2020

It's wonderful to see so many WIFTers featuring in projects that benefit from the latest NZFC funding decisions. The NZFC has approved prduction investment for Welby Ing's directorial feature debut Punch, produced by Robin Murphy, executive produced by Catherine Fitzgerald and distributed in New Zealand and Australia by Vendetta. The second is post-production investment in the innovative low-budget drama R?rangi which involves members Craig Gainsborough as producer, and co-producers Tweedie Waititi and Melissa Nickerson.

Meanwhile, Fresh Shorts funding has been awarded to Tara Riddell, producer of Boyo And Bunny, Louise Spraggon, producer of Only Those That Can Resist, and Vea Mafile'o, director of Tupu'ana: Mother Tongue.

These members have been offered Catalyst He Kauahi funding to make their short film and to put toward the development of a feature film concept: Jacqui Gilbert producer of Good Morning Stonus, Verity Mackintosh producer of Washday.

And these members receive early development funding from the NZFC: producer Vicky Pope for Big Girls Don't Cry, writer/director Chelsie Preston Crayford and producer Georgina Conder for Caterpillar, producer Ngaire Fuata for Miracle, and writer/director Heiling Ow for Grafted.

We're looking forward to seeing your work!