NZTV Awards will shine online

Posted Tuesday 12 May 2020

We're very pleased to hear that the New Zealand Television Awards are returning in 2020, albeit in a slightly differentl format. The Craft and Gala awards ceremonies will now be merged into one, and, as there's still uncertainty around when mass gathering Covid-19 restrictions will be lifted, the NZTV Awards winners ceremony will be announced via a special broadcast online in November. The other good news is that because of the move to digital, the Awards entry fee has dropped to $75 + GST per submission.

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Permits required for all filming in public spaces in Auckland

Posted Tuesday 12 May 2020

Civic view Auckland

Yes, says Screen Auckland, even those places which previously didn't require a permit because they were deemed "low impact". So, as of now, all filming on public space in Auckland requires a permit due to Covid-19 risks. These will be fast-tracked as much as possible, but the new process will ensure guidelines are communicated to those involved in any shoot. To be on the mailing list for locations updates from Screen Auckland's Screen Facilitation Manager subscribe by emailing


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