VIDEO SLOT Marks Of Mana

Posted Wednesday 27 May 2020

VIDEO SLOT Marks Of Mana

This week's video slot is filled by Marks of Mana, directed by Lisa Taouma. Across the Moana the art of tatau is legendary, but the marks for women contain stories and meanings that are often little known, especially for new generations. Marks of Mana explores the female history of tatau in the Pacific, and the meaning behind these patterns which link like a necklace around the Moana.

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A great resource for cinematographers

Posted Wednesday 27 May 2020

It's great to see that non-members can access some past webinars on the New Zealand Cinematographers Society (NZCA) website.

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to watch the following webinars:

Webinar# 2 Conversation with David Paul, NZCS

Having often produced amazing results with scant resources compared to international productions, David will delve into how to tell local stories and achieve great results with cinematic style and ingenuity, and how to make the most of a 'challenging' budget. Moderated by Donny Duncan NZCS.

Webinar #1 Dave Garbett on Car Process Shots

Dave Garbett's tips and tricks for filming car dialogue scenes in a studio setting using rear projection. This will include night scenes, dynamic light sources, rear projection and green screen techniques. Through many years of trial and error Dave has come up with some creative approaches that may save you some hard work!