Golovina's doco screening in Hawai'i and Auckland

Posted Tuesday 10 Nov 2020

It's great to see that director Valeriya Golovina's Mawhialeo Ote Alowha (Our Love) is screening this month as an official selection in the 40th Hawai'i International Film Festival, Pacific Showcase Programmes. 

Click here for the trailer

The film journeys wth Meli and her husband Avito who reflect on the pivotal decision of their lives. With much trepidation they left the tiny atoll of Tokelau for New Zealand seeking a better life for their son. Some 43 years on, they find themselves pulled between family and a longing for home.

Mawhialeo Ote Alowha (Our Love) is also screening at the Pollywood Film Festival tonight (at 6:30pm), followed by a special weekend screening on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 November at the Auckland Art Gallery.

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