Posted Tuesday 24 Nov 2020

Waitress by Ella HOpe Higginson

Today's video slot features a short film by Ella Hope Higginson, commissioned by Outlook for Someday and directed, produced and intimacy co-ordinated by a team of wahine toa including writer and actor Rhiannon McCall (above) and Kerry Roggio as editor.

It features sexual assault, but nothing highly graphic. It's free to view on Facebook, Stuff and RNZ.

Click here to watch Waitress

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Check out the Mobile Film Festival official selection

Posted Tuesday 24 Nov 2020

Mobile Film Festival 2020

Try not to get square eyes as you watch all 60 short films from 25 countries! The Mobile Film Festival has announced the Official Selection of the16th edition with the theme of  Women's Empowerment and they're all available to watch online until 3 December (when hopefully you'll be at the WIFT Awards so won't be needing other entertainment!).

Click here to see the official selection Mobile Film Festival - Women's Empowerment