WIFTers on The Gulf

Posted Tuesday 24 Nov 2020

WIFTers on The Gulf

This series is wrapping and production manager Raluca Cozariuc shared a photo of the fabulous camera team. The shoot was 15 weeks (Bayley joined in the last shooting block). The show will air on TV3 next year.

Set on Waiheke Island, The Gulf tells the story of Detective Jess Savage (played by Kate Elliott), investigating crimes and trying to hold onto her own moral centre as both fall into the gulf between right and wrong, justice and the law. In Season 2, Jess wants to be a cleaner cop and a better mother to her pregnant daughter Ruby, but a blackmailer knows her darkest secret, and has other plans.

We love it when you send eNews items - thanks Raluca!

Happy in their work, from left to right:

1st AC - Bayley Broome-Peake

2nd AC - Ella Mills

DIT - Esther Mitchell