Much funding for WIFT members' kids' shows

Posted Tuesday 13 Oct 2020

A big round of applause to WIFT members who received funding for their factual and scripted projects from New Zealand On Air's funding round for Children's Shows. We've listed the projects below and the attached WIFT member producer or executive producer:

Good Times Company (Lisa Chatfield) receives up to $378,715 for Extreme Cake Sports, for HEIHEI.

Scottie Douglas Productions (Megan Douglas) receives up to $300,000 for Life Savers, for HEIHEI.

Whitebait Media (Janine Morrell-Gunn) receives up to $3,253,000 for What Now 2021, and up to $2,675,000 for Brain Busters 2021, both for TVNZ 2, TVNZ OnDemand and HEIHEI.

Greenstone TV (Tash Christie as producer) receives up to $477,764 for Young Riders for HEIHEI.  Greenstone TV also receives up to $425,146 for K-Pop Academy 2, also for HEIHEI.

Tomorrow Rain (Lisa Chatfield) receives up to $325,215 for Endling.

Brown Sugar Apple Grunt Productions (Kerry Warkia) receives up to $500,00 for The Feijoa Club 2, for HEIHEI.

Treehut (Suzy Cato) receives up to $136,000 for Suzy And Friends 2021 for various stations.