Scullion funded for opera on legendary theatre founders

Posted Wednesday 28 Oct 2020

Thanks to Creative NZ funding, Michelle Scullion is now busy writing a three-act opera about the legendary Wellingtonians Sally Rodwell and Alan Brunton. The couple founded the Red Mole Theatre Company in 1974, and who livened up the Garden City with their amazing cabarets, puppet shows and circuses.

Red Mole quickly established itself at the forefront of New Zealand's avant-garde, and Rodwell was a key member of the troupe, participating as a performer, co-author, maker of masks and costumes, and film-maker.

Michelle recieved $17,000 stage one funding from CNZ for her project, and is writing Act One of the opera which will involve a full orchestra, a band and film.

We can't wait to see the finished product!