WIFT members' uniquely Aotearoa stories win NZOA funding

Posted Tuesday 13 Oct 2020

And more applause, this time for the WIFT members who have received NZ On Air funding for their uniquely New Zealand stories. They and their projects are listed below.

New projects:

Attitude Pictures receives up to $500,000 for Tokyo 2021 Paralympics: We All Participate, for TVNZ 1.

Warner Bros receives up to $386,167 plus a platform reduction of $84,000 for The Black Ferns: W?hine Toa for Prime.

Diva Productions receives up to $276,049 for Asian Art Stars Aotearoa, for RNZ.

Tikilounge Productions receives up to $134,700 for #Digital Fagogo for TheCoconet.tv.

Returning projects:
Attitude Pictures receives up to $1,876,967 for Attitude 2021, for TVNZ 1.

SunPix receives up to $1,781,974 for Tagata Pasifika 2021, for TVNZ 1.

Tikilounge Productions receives up to $1,765,000 for Fresh 2021, TVNZ 2.

Magnetic Pictures receives up to $242,364 for Breaking Silence 2, for Stuff.co.nz, plus a platform contribution reduction of $4,000.

Notable Pictures receives up to $195,342 for Loading Docs: T?manako / Hope, for LoadingDocs.net.

Ursula Grace Films receives up to $79,435 for He K?kano Ahau 2, for RNZ, plus a platform contribution reduction of up to $9,200 (for Re; secondary platform).