Going Home

Posted Wednesday 02 Sep 2020

GOing Home 1

Producer Ruth Korver | Director Ashley Williams

To celebrate the adventurous life of her late Uncle Clive, Ashley Williams takes a leap of faith and learns to fly. A decade after his death, Ashley takes off on an emotional journey of reconnection. Following in her Uncle's larger-than-life footsteps, she wants to do one of the things he loved most, fly like a bird. Can his memory instil Ashley with the courage she needs to reignite her zest for life and understand his?

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Next Up...

OK Chloe

Posted Wednesday 02 Sep 2020

OK Chloe 1

Producer Letisha Tate-Dunning | Director Charlottte Evans

Millennial MP, Chl�e Swarbrick, challenges the establishment during the most important year of her political career.

In a momentous year, Aotearoa's youngest MP vows to radically change the political status quo from within. But behind the 'OK Boomer' politician is a person. Chl�e must weigh up the pressures placed on her versus her innate desire to make a difference. Learn what it's truly like being a revolutionary member of parliament in a political system disconnected from those it represents.

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