Loading Docs is loaded with WIFTers!

Posted Wednesday 02 Sep 2020

Loading Docs main

Watch the work of many talented WIFT members in New Zealand's most popular short documentary initiative! Loading Docs has returned with a brand new collection of eight short documentaries, five of which are helmed by WIFT members, and most of which involve members in other roles. Check out the work of Letisha Tate-Dunning, Charlotte Evans, Nicola Bailey, Ashley Williams, Ruth Korver, Gwen Isaac and Karen Sidney in the items below.

Featuring high-profile responses to the Covid-19 pandemic, racism and politics, subjects include Chl�e Swarbrick, Guled Mire, Dr. Siouxsie Wiles and a very special Olympic hopeful Chunli Li, chasing her one last shot at gold.

Alongside well known faces, viewers can expect the unexpected with stories on the fight to save the majestic Kauri, a self-deprecating 40-year-old on a mission to finally ditch her period cringe, wahine hunters determined to lead a self-sustained sisterhood and courageous filmmaking when a director takes to the sky to understand her uncle's death. 

Loading Docs is co-founded and executive produced by Julia Parnell of Notable Pictures, and is a multi award-winning short documentary initiative providing mentorship to documentary makers through the development process, crowdfunding, production and distribution. 

Loading Docs is a Notable Pictures initiative made with support from NZ On Air, alongside the New Zealand Film Commission and Te M?ngai P?ho.

Watch the full collection now:

Loading Docs -  www.loadingdocs.net

TVNZ OnDemand -  www.tvnz.co.nz/shows/loading-docs