Rave reviews for Liang's Shadow In The Cloud

Posted Wednesday 30 Sep 2020


It's great to see so many positive reviews about Roseanne Liang's feature Shadow In The Cloud!

The film, Liang's second feature, had its world premiere as a midnight drive-in screening as part of the 45th edition of the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month.

"An absolute blast for those with a high ridiculousness tolerance", says The Hollywood Reporter.

An "insanely entertaining high-altitude horror movie�Liang so fully commits to its over-the-top sensibility that you'll be clutching the armrest and grinning with glee for most of the ride", says Variety.

"Liang and Moretz inject � a feminist-leaning freshness" says IndieWire, adding that, "Audiences willing and able to lean into its special brand of wacky horror will likely enjoy it best, but Liang also keeps a steady tension running throughout its slim 83-minute running time that should appeal to even hardened horror and action fans."

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mage/TIFF. Chloe Grace Moretz in Shadow In The Cloud