Survey to discover how Covid is affecting creative sectors

Posted Tuesday 15 Sep 2020

What effect is Covid-19 having on the arts, culture and creative sectors? Te Taumata-Toi-a-Iwi, Auckland's Arts Regional Trust, would really appreciate your help to understand the impact six months on from the first lockdown, and in these early weeks that follow the second lockdown.

Help Te Taumata-Toi-a-Iwi build a picture of the sectors' responses to the virus by taking this short 10-15 minute online survey.

Your responses will be confidential, and we will not attribute anything you write to you. The survey will take 10-15 minutes to complete.

Please forward the survey on to your friends and colleagues in the creative sector, as Te Taumata-Toi-a-Iwi is really keen to get a wide scope of responses.

This survey follows one they distributed earlier this year and they would love to hear from you again to see how/if the landscape has changed for you in the last six months.


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Give Dandelion a Boost!

Posted Tuesday 15 Sep 2020


Support your fellow WIFTers with a funding Boost! Writer director Jane Ballentyne, producer Isobel Mebus and director of photography Jess Charlton would love your help with their project Dandelion, a film that reflects on the experience of supporting the person you love in their mental health journey.

"It's a comedy-drama because I wanted to capture the moments of light and joy that can occur alongside the struggle," says Jane.

They need funding to help with quality post-production, and with festival submissions, so they can get their film out to the world.

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