Women's empowerment is theme for Mobile Film Festival

Posted Wednesday 02 Sep 2020

Mobile Film Festival 2020

Grab your phone and start filming a one-minute creative masterpiece for the Mobile Film Festival! This year's theme is Women's Empowerment, and we'll let festival founder Bruno Smadja explain what that could mean to you:
"The questions could be specific to your country, your culture, your religion; they could concern the family, professional or intimate universe; they could denounce unacceptable situations that are still too present, but they could also propose concrete actions to improve the situation; they could be global or local and above all, they could highlight the feminist fights everywhere in the world in the search for real equality.
Be creative, imaginative, use all the forms that cinema offers you, including comedy, suspense, science fiction, documentaries ... to engage the audience and convince the magnificent jury."

As always, the rules are you can only use one phone, and the film should be one minute, including credits. You have until October 20, 2020 to submit your films!

Click here for more information and to see the Festival trailer