Support on offer for NZ film industry

Posted Tuesday 30 Mar 2021

Support on offer for NZ film industry

The Vista Foundation and Home & Family Counselling have collaborated to provide support to the people of the New Zealand film industry who have been affected by the social and commercial constraints of the Coronavirus pandemic.  You must be a member of a screen guild to take up this offer.

The Vista Foundation has put aside the sum of NZ$25,000 to subsidise counselling sessions for film industry workers and their families. The Foundation will make a donation of NZ$50 to Home & Family for each one hour session sought and provided. The $50 subsidy will mean that a donation by the client is non- obligatory; to be clear, a client donation can be at any level dependent on affordability.

To take up the Vista Foundation / Home and Family Counselling Offer, a client should make contact directly with Home and Family using this process:


Click Make An Appointment and telephone or (form) email Home & Family’s central (Mount Eden) or North Shore (Northcote) centres. (Do not use the Hibiscus Coast/Orewa option).

If outside of Auckland, choose Central.

Once Home & Family makes contact, the client will need to advise their membership organisation and number. * This requirement is mandatory, no exceptions.

Home & Family will initiate the process of counselling including assigning a counsellor.

For administration purposes, Home & Family will assign a ‘case’ number to each client (this is standard EAP practice); the purpose of the number is to A/ track the number of counselling sessions per client and B/ enable Home & Family to recover from the Vista Foundation, the session subsidy of $50.

* Privacy will be respected as noted in Point 3 above.

Under the terms of this Offering, each client will be limited to a maximum of 5 sessions. (A client is free to continue their Home & Family counselling subsequently, under their own arrangement).