WIFTers receive NZFC funding in bumper March round

Posted Monday 29 Mar 2021

WIFTers receive NZFC funding in bumper March round

We're thrilled to see so many members projects were approved for funding in this round! The New Zealand Film Commission Board approved a record $9.6 million across eight applications for production financing at the March Board Meeting.

A BIG congratulations to you all - we've listed you and your projects below:

Morgan Waru (pictured) and Carthew Neal (producers) for The Mountain. Three troubled kids on a mission to find magic at the top of the mountain discover a healing power in their adventure.

Leela Menon (producer) and Zoe McIntosh (writer, director) for Stylebender. A bullied Nigerian-New Zealander must battle the world’s greatest UFC fighters, and his own demons, in his quest to become a global superstar.

Robin Scholes (producer) for The Convert. Munro, a soldier turned preacher, comes to New Zealand to minister to the first colonisers but he is converted by the powerful chief Maianui to serve a different purpose.

Leanne Pooley (producer) and Briar March (director and writer) for The Final Throw – The Dame Valerie Adams Story. Olympic Champion, Kiwi Icon, Tongan Leader, Mother…winning was just part of the journey.

Emma Slade (producer) for The Salamander Lives Twice. A man with an impenetrable briefcase and no memory is found unconscious on the shoreline of a remote island by Iris and her daughter Goggy, the final two members of a once prosperous dynasty.

Image: Morgan Waru. Photo credit: Matt Johnston