Nominations open for positions on the WIFT NZ Board

Posted Tuesday 03 Aug 2021

Nominations open for positions on the WIFT NZ Board

Nominations for positions on the WIFT NZ Board for the 2021/2022 year are now open, with a closing date of 31 August 2021 for nomination forms to be received in the WIFT office. You should have received a nomination form via email yesterday - if you didn't, please let us know at

  •  only full WIFT NZ members are eligible to vote for and/or take up a Board position.

  •  candidates for the positions of regional representatives must be resident in the regions they seek to represent.

All nominations must be signed by a nominator and seconder, as well as by the nominee.  Nominees can nominate themselves and simply require a seconder’s signature.

All nominations must be accompanied by a short statement (of no longer than 300 words) setting out the credentials and objectives of the nominee for the Board.

Board members are elected to their position for a two-year period. At the 2021 AGM the following five positions become vacant:


Wellington Region Member x 1

Auckland Region Member x 2

South Island Region Member x 1

Current board members, Vicki Jackways (President), Vanessa Wells (South Island Region Member), Jill Macnab and Kelly Martin (Auckland region members) will be offering themselves for re-election.  Kat Lintott will be standing for Wellington Region pending confirmation this week.

The following current Board Members continue in their existing positions for the next 12 months:

Wellington Region Member – Nicola Olsen

General Board Member – Anchali Anandanayagam

As the executive director is based in Auckland we rely on Wellington and South Island board members to run the monthly workshops so anyone standing must be available in the evenings once a month in Wellington and five times a year in Christchurch.