WIFTers receive Seed funding

Posted Tuesday 03 Aug 2021

WIFTers receive Seed funding

We’re very pleased to see three WIFT NZ members among the recipients of the first round of the New Zealand Writers Guild Seed and Seed Advanced funding for 2021. This round received 126 Seed and 25 Seed Advanced eligible applications, and the NZWG said top applicants in this round "demonstrated an ability to present applications of the highest standard" and that many had applied before with the same project "and showed growth, development and perseverance in their works."

So, congratulations to:

Jackson HermanThe Great Kiwi Caper

There's panic across Aotearoa New Zealand as iconic national landmarks go missing! Two young siblings Daisha and Ari will have to learn to work together to prove themselves in a world of adults in order to crack the case of this Great Kiwi Caper.

Nastassia WolfgrammChronicles of Polynesia | Tangi e Lupe (The Dove’s Cry)

In Ancient Polynesia, a rivalry between warriors sets off a decade long revenge plan for a young Tongan orphan. An angel and mythical creature seek to intervene before its too late.

Stephanie CullenWhaiaipo

A young man escapes from his abusive past into the world of 1930's deer culling, but his budding feelings for a fellow culler forces him to confront aspects of himself he would rather keep buried.