Campbell's skills help make Scribe's story sing

Posted Tuesday 07 Dec 2021

Campbell's skills help make Scribe's story sing

Streaming now on TVNZ, Scribe: Return of the Crusader is compelling viewing.

Sacha Campbell edited it, and was also pivotal in the story telling and arc of the series, along with the producer Nigel McCulloch from the DownlowConcept and the director Chris Graham.

Sacha says it was a tough beast to get into 8 episodes each under 13 minutes, but concedes she loves the immediacy of short episodes, each with its own theme.

The feedback on the series has been incredible, she says.

“This wasn’t just a story of one man and his talent and the fame that ensued but also of addiction, institutional racism and the power of aiga/family who, despite everything, rises above it all.”

The series follows musician Scribe's rapid rise to fame after he recorded his chart-topping album, The Crusader, transforming him from an average 23-year-old to an overnight, international hip hop star.

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