The Green team wins People's Choice Award

Posted Tuesday 07 Dec 2021

The Green team wins People's Choice Award

A big congratulations to the team of Green, which includes writer/director Rachel Ross and producers Morgan Leigh Stewart and Samantha Dutton.

This short comedy drama won the 2021 SAE People’s Choice Award at the Show Me Shorts Film Festival where it made its world premiere.

A pertinent and relevant short film, Green portrays a real-life renewed connection between an estranged father and daughter, both with newly diagnosed life altering illnesses, who smoke marijuana together for the first time, which becomes healing in more ways than one.

Based on the experiences of Rachel and her father being diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease and cancer respectively, Green is “an incredibly personal story” says Rachel.

It was inspired by her spur-of-the-moment decision one day, to visit her father and “light up.”

A unique and liberating scenario followed, “a moment that bound us infinitely closer together, a moment I will never forget”, Rachel explains.

The film was funded via a Boosted campaign which then turned into a successful Catalyst He Kauahi grant.

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