Wellywood Woman's guide to women's international film festivals

Posted Tuesday 07 Dec 2021

Wellywood Woman's guide to women's international film festivals

Wellington filmmaker Marian Evans, aka former blogger Wellywood Woman, has created a comprehensive, global list of specialist all-year streaming sites and over 160 women’s film festivals. Available as an ebook, this essential guide is "for women-identified filmmakers, in all their diversity, who want to find and connect with their audiences ... and for everyone who loves those filmmakers and wants to watch their movies, in real life or virtually.

The ebook contains links to each festival and its social media, and notes that festival's associated activities such as educational programmes, conversations with filmmakers and its publications. It also lists databases that support and promote women and non-binary filmmakers. 

If you love the diverse female gaze, women’s art and imaginations, community and women’s lived experience, this is for you!

Marian adds that students and screen practitioners who can't afford US$3.99 are very welcome to email her at wellywoodwoman@gmail.com for a free generic EPUB version.  

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