The Black List screenwriting development opportunity

Posted Wednesday 03 Feb 2021

Screenwriters, a reminder to apply for this development opportunity with Franklin Leornard from The Black List aggregator of unproduced screenplays and script development organisation

It does not require the writer to have a producer to be attached but teams with a producer can apply. A draft of the screen play is part of the application along with other materials.

There is no level of experience prerequisite, Franklin and his team are looking for original voices and ideas.

The deadline is 1pm 19 March 2021. Applications need to go through the NZFC portal. Any filmmaker enquires about BLNZP should be sent to

The new initiative is a one-off fund script development workshop designed to foster the creative relationship between writers and producers and stimulate international opportunities for New Zealand feature films. In addition, the NZFC hopes to cast a wide net for New Zealand screenwriting talent and connect with projects at various stages of development. This further strengthens The Black List's push for more inclusive storytelling in film.

Click here for more info and The Black List guidelines