MBIE report aims to help improve screen sector monitoring

Posted Tuesday 18 Jan 2022

MBIE report aims to help improve screen sector monitoring

Fancy a little light reading this summer? We've picked out a few highlights from Economic Trends in the New Zealand Screen Sector: Firms and Employment below, or you can delve into it online at this link.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment report shows:

  • The number of screen sector firms has increased at an annual average rate of 8.3% between 2015 and 2020. The vast majority of these are sole traders or contractors.
  • The New Zealand screen sector is structured increasingly around temporary working arrangements and project-based contracts.
  • Around 13,900 people are working in the screen sector; either self-employed or as waged and salaried employees.
  • Most new employees in the screen sector are contractors or self-employed, working mainly in the post-production sub-sector in Wellington.

The report is a first step in the development of improved monitoring of the sector and its contribution to New Zealand, responding to the information gap identified as a key challenge in the sector’s Aotearoa Screen Strategy 2030.

This work on improved data for the sector is progressing in parallel to the review of government investment in the sector.

MBIE says the purpose of this initial report is:

  1. to start to address the three-year information gap created when the Stats NZ Screen Industry Survey was discontinued in 2018; and
  2. to provide a data stocktake and a base from which to explore alternatives for reporting screen sector data with, and for, the screen sector and screen agencies.

This release covers two key areas:

  1. Characteristics of New Zealand screen firms; and
  2. Screen employment and skills.

Subsequent data releases will cover additional aspects of the screen sector, particularly financial performance.

Give feedback on the report to screenenquiries@mbie.govt.nz