Photography: the gateway drug to a film making addiction

Posted Wednesday 20 Jan 2021

Mandi Lynn is about to embark on a 25-stop roadtrip around New Zealand teaching photography and wellbeing to youth (aged 10-22). Mandi, a past winner of New Zealand's Creative Photographer of the Year and a Canon Eyecon mentor, is offering scholarships to study with her.

Mandi developed her roadtrip idea while directing her soon-to-be-released NZFC Fresh Short film The Ghost Nets of Venus.

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WIFTers on the board of Film Auckland

Posted Wednesday 20 Jan 2021

We're pleased to see that WIFT members Alice Shearman, Marg Slater and Amber Wakefield are returning to the board of Film Auckland. Alice steps into the role of Deputy Chair, Marg returns as Secretary and Amber as Executive Officer.