Q&A screenings for The Turn Of The Screw

Posted Wednesday 20 Jan 2021

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Here's a fabulous chance to meet local filmmakers, catch a horror flick and support an award-winning local film! Join producers Emma Beale, Ed Sampson and Nicola Peeperkorn, with director Alex Galvin and actor Greer Phillips, for a special Q&A screening to celebrate the cinematic release of the New Zealand feature film The Turn Of The Screw.

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Thu 21 Jan at 8pm at The Roxy

Drinks from 7pm. Opening Night Launch!



AUCKLAND Q&A Screenings

Fri 22 Jan at 7:45pm, Rialto Newmarket


Sat 23 Jan at 8pm at The Capitol, Mt Eden


Plot: Julia is a last-minute replacement in a theatre production of the Henry James classic The Turn Of The Screw. Arriving late at night, Julia must immediately go on stage and perform a dress rehearsal to an empty auditorium.

As she interacts with other characters, an increasingly terrified Julia begins to suspect that it's not the fictitious house that's haunted, but the theatre itself.

The film has garnered several awards and been selected for a host of international festivals:

Winner - Best Picture: Istanbul Film Awards 2020

Winner - Best Horror Film: L'Age d'Or International Arthouse Film Festival 2020

Winner - Best Horror Film: Chicago Indie Film Awards 2020

Official Selection: Shanghai International Film Festival 2020

Official Selection: China Golden Rooster Awards 2020 (Chinese Oscars)

Official Selection: Terror In the Bay Film Festival 2020 (Canada)


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The Granary's virtual tech helps realise big ideas without the big budget

Posted Wednesday 20 Jan 2021

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Boutique film-tech production company The Granary has released a fantastic demo of what its talented team can do shooting on a virtual LED stage.

With Too Fast, Tu Meke*, The Granary CEO Amber Marie Naveira says the team wanted to show how many different environments and setups could be virtually achieved in a short time.
Local content creators should feel even more empowered as they see it's possible to achieve Hollywood high-concept ideas on a budget, she says.
As a Māori filmmaker Amber Marie is excited by the ability to develop high-concept Indigenous-driven stories that include big world building environments.
*Too much!

Check out The Granary's work at the links below!

The Granary was recently featured in the New Zealand Herald, read the article here