The Granary's virtual tech helps realise big ideas without the big budget

Posted Wednesday 20 Jan 2021

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Boutique film-tech production company The Granary has released a fantastic demo of what its talented team can do shooting on a virtual LED stage.

With Too Fast, Tu Meke*, The Granary CEO Amber Marie Naveira says the team wanted to show how many different environments and setups could be virtually achieved in a short time.
Local content creators should feel even more empowered as they see it's possible to achieve Hollywood high-concept ideas on a budget, she says.
As a Māori filmmaker Amber Marie is excited by the ability to develop high-concept Indigenous-driven stories that include big world building environments.
*Too much!

Check out The Granary's work at the links below!

The Granary was recently featured in the New Zealand Herald, read the article here



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NZFC funding benefits WIFTers

Posted Wednesday 20 Jan 2021

Congratulations to producer Desray Armstrong who received Catalyst He Kauahi Funding from the NZFC for Hello Earthling. The film follows the journey of an isolated child in a small mountainside town who knows themself to be neither boy nor girl, and who experiences life-changing events after an encounter with a mysterious stranger.

And congratulations to members who have received conditional offers for production financing from the NZFC in December.

Producer Morgan Waru for Dox, which tells the story of two ambitious Tongan men who fabricate a brass band to perform at the opening of the Tonga vs France - 2011 Rugby World Cup game, in a bid to get free tickets.

Producer Matt Noonan and writer director Lula Cucchiara for Fiona Clark: Unafraid which documents the life of a fearless storyteller who has spent a lifetime championing the unseen, whether it be individuals, hidden communities, or the land she inhabits.

And producers Jill Macnab and Sarah Cook for The Swifty, where a neurotic ex-thief tries to break up with his partner in crime but is instead dragged into an absurd caper that makes him lose grip on reality.

We look forward to seeing your work!