The Granary's virtual tech helps realise big ideas without the big budget

Posted Wednesday 20 Jan 2021

Screen Shot 2021-01-20 at 6.07.18 AM

Boutique film-tech production company The Granary has released a fantastic demo of what its talented team can do shooting on a virtual LED stage.

With Too Fast, Tu Meke*, The Granary CEO Amber Marie Naveira says the team wanted to show how many different environments and setups could be virtually achieved in a short time.
Local content creators should feel even more empowered as they see it's possible to achieve Hollywood high-concept ideas on a budget, she says.
As a Māori filmmaker Amber Marie is excited by the ability to develop high-concept Indigenous-driven stories that include big world building environments.
*Too much!

Check out The Granary's work at the links below!

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