Filmmakers selected for FilmUp 2021

Posted Tuesday 20 Jul 2021

Filmmakers selected for FilmUp 2021

We were thrilled to see WIFT NZ members among the outstanding filmmakers selected into Script to Screen’s 2021 FilmUp Mentorship Programme.

High fives to Rouzie Hassanova, Paula Whetu Jones, Jessica Sanderson, and Gwen Isaac, we’re looking forward to seeing your work!

FilmUp is a high-end development programme for writers, directors and producers who have already shown considerable talent and tenacity in their work. It is a highly competitive programme - nine participants were selected from the 65 applications received.

Each participant is matched with a filmmaker mentor to develop their project. They will also participate in a series of six FilmUp Hubs that include round tables, workshops, and group work as part of the eight-month programme that is tailored to the group's needs.

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