Masterclasses with Jane Campion and See Saw Films

Posted Tuesday 20 Jul 2021

Masterclasses with Jane Campion and See Saw Films

The NZFC is inviting eligible New Zealand filmmakers to apply for two one-off masterclasses, based around the Netflix Original film, The Power of the Dog, and presented by See-Saw executives and Jane Campion, respectively.

Each masterclass will be approximately 6 hours long and will both be held in Auckland on 20 August 2021. 

Filmmakers may apply for both Masterclasses providing they meet the criteria but may attend only one.

Jane Campion Masterclass

Using The Power of the Dog as a case study, Campion will work with up to 12 writers and/or directors to share her journey as lead creative and New Zealand producer through all stages of the film’s development and production, including the challenges of the global pandemic.  

See Saw Masterclass

Using The Power of the Dog (on which See-Saw were the Australian co-producer) alongside other feature films and drama series as case studies, See-Saw Films’ executives will work with up to 20 producers, focusing on the process undertaken to finance and package large budget production and the impacts of shifting trends in content consumption on financing and production. 

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Image: Jane Campion.