WIFTers receive NZOA funding for scripted content

Posted Tuesday 20 Jul 2021

WIFTers receive NZOA funding for scripted content

It's fabulous to see so many projects receive funding from NZOA in their latest funding rounds - and even fabulous-er to see WIFT NZ members among them! The first bunch to be congratulated are those who were funded for scripted content for online and broadcast TV audiences. We've listed them below in bold.

New Zealand Today, Kevin and Co for Three, up to $1,020,742.
Bronwynn Bakker, producer. 
Volunteer journalist’ Guy Williams takes viewers on another unpredictable and bizarre journey through Aotearoa, finding ‘the stories other journalists won’t go near’.

Brutal Lives 2 – Mo'ui Faingata’a, Kingston Productions for The Coconet.TV, up to $855,210.
Angela Cudd, executive producer
A Tongan drama webseries continuing the story of a former boxing champion battling the ancient spirit world. 

Kid Sister, TVNZ On Demand, up to $822,350
Greenstone TV
A semi-autobiographical Jewish comedy set in Auckland, exploring the universal themes of cross-cultural conflicts, culture clashes and character collisions, through the main character Lulu, a young Kiwi Jewish woman in her prime, but who fears in the Jewish world she is careening towards becoming a ‘Spinster’.