Junior/Mid-level game development generalist

Posted Tuesday 22 Jun 2021

Auckland-based Staples VR seeks a new team member.

Here's their job decription:

As a junior/mid-level game development generalist, you know your way around the Unity engine (preferred) and Unreal engine (not essential but beneficial) to be able to programme, and create assets for a wide variety of games, mixed reality and applications.

Skills required are programming, 3D modeling, technical art and substantial time management skills. You are expected to work with our team to perform to a high standard of development.

Our team work from our Rosebank Road address and the role is 9 am - 5 pm Mon-Fri.

Questions to expect from us:

  • How many years' experience do you have as an employed or contracted professional?
  • Can you describe your above experience, what projects you worked on and the outcomes of deployment?
  • What software are you familiar with for 3D asset creation?
  • What programming languages are you familiar with?
  • Have you worked on a store-deployed application or game?
  • Which of the following platforms have you worked on?: android, iOS, windows, mac.

Any comments on AR/VR mixed reality would be beneficial but not required.

Please provide a CV, references, and a link to any examples, show-reels or content we can view to