Māori Television RFP for whanau audiences

Posted Tuesday 27 Apr 2021

Māori Television is seeking proposals for whānau audiences with MTS as primary platform partner to suit its primetime On Demand and weeknight scheduling for 2022.

  • Scripted Comedy Series
  • Innovative Factual Series
  • Entertainment Series
  • Whānau Waiata Series

Priorities to NZOA will be in:

  • Receptive series (30%)
  • Broad audience appeal
  • Platform partnerships & distribution plan
  • Potential for Returning Series
  • Long shelf life

Priorities to TMP will be in:

  • Fluent (70%+) & Receptive (30-70%) series
  • Leading local content
  • Content that invigorates & entertains
  • Multiple output plan for ondemand, linear & socials
  • NZ On Air General Audience 1

Email Content.Coordinator@maoritelevision.com  for the coversheet which must accompany your proposal/s.

Please also note:

  • All proposals must meet each funders criteria
  • Each proposal must be accompanied with a completed MTS Coversheet
  • All attachments must be PDF (please do not send a google link or embed links into emails)
  • Email proposals to: proposals@maoritelevision.com by the deadline time

For further information regarding 2021 funding rounds, please visit the respective Funder websites:

NZOA – www.nzonair.govt.nz 

TMP – www.tmp.govt.nz