Programme helps creatives find their way to a sustainable career

Posted Tuesday 08 Jun 2021

Programme helps creatives find their way to a sustainable career

Delivered by Depot Artspace, as part of a government-funded push to support the creative sector, Wayfind Creative helps build the non-creative skills required to futureproof a career in the creative sector.

If you’re a creative, or know of creatives, looking for help in building a sustainable business with a robust marketing and business plan and are keen to grow networks and access industry mentors, this is a unique programme aimed at supporting creatives through this journey.

Wayfind Creative is designed to excite, inspire and motivate creatives. It builds wellbeing and resilience, helps creatives overcome fears and helps establish a personal brand and plan.

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Wayfind Creative is currently open for registrations. Eligibility includes creatives seeking employment in the creative sector or creatives who have lost employment/self-employment income due to Covid-19.

Eligibility also includes creatives looking for support to develop business/marketing/other skills in order to develop a sustainable career as well as graduates with a creative tertiary education seeking opportunities in the creative sector.

Applicants must reside in Auckland and be aged between 18-64 years.

For further info email Craig Turvey, Wayfind Creative Project Lead,