VIDEO SLOT: The Last Man On Earth

Posted Tuesday 08 Jun 2021

VIDEO SLOT: The Last Man On Earth

This week we present to you April Phillips' short The Last Man On Earth. The film highlights the value of people with disabilities and stars Duncan Armstrong (pictured), a Wellington actor with Down Syndrome, Shane Bartle and Greer Phillips. Completed in 2019 the film is set in the aftermath of a global pandemic where a handful of survivors learn what makes a human being worthy of survival. TLMOE was nominated for Best SciFi short at the Independent Shorts Awards in Los Angeles in 2020.

And Phillips herself recently won a prestigious Outstanding Achievement Humanitarian Award from The Best Shorts Competition, California, which honours filmmakers who raise awareness of a range of social, political, environmental and health issues, combined with excellence in filmmaking craft.

Phillips joins the ranks of high-profile winners of this important award such as Oscar, Emmy and BAFTA winner Vanessa Redgrave for Eyes of St John, and Linda Mills and Chelsea Clinton for their barrier-breaking documentary Of Many.

Click here to watch The Last Man On Earth