Enjoy 51 films from the Mobile Film Festival Africa

Posted Wednesday 03 Mar 2021

The Mobile Film Festival Africa presents 51 one-minute films from 23 countries. These films - the Official Selection - tell the story of Africa today in a creative, inventive, intimate way with humour and engagement on important societal issues. These films were created by young Africans who want to tell and share their stories in images.

All the films are accessible free of charge via all major social networks and YouTube. All are subtitled in French, English and Arabic.

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WIFTers feature in all Fresh Shorts teams

Posted Wednesday 03 Mar 2021

Six filmmaking teams have been selected for funding and we're thrilled to see there's at least one WIFT member in every team! We're very proud of you all! Each project receives a grant of $15,000 to make their short film.

The selected teams and their projects are below, with WIFT members in bold.

Francesca Mackenzie (W/P) and Ahmed Osman (D). A twelve-year-old Somali refugee struggles to adjust to her new life as she and her mother resettle in New Zealand.

Ave Marie
Celestina Sumby (W/D), Francesca Carney (P) and Zelda Edwards (P). When Marie's bullied gender-bending brother takes on the local BMX gang and fights back, it is up to her, the Virgin Mary and dance to help bring peace to the neighbourhood.

Cradle & Grave
Malinna Liang (W), Tema Pua (D) and Phoebe Shum (P). Over one night of misadventures, a headstrong young woman must help her recently returned-from-the-dead mother cross over into the afterlife by doing the one thing they never managed in life: becoming a team.

Grae Meek (W/D) and Anna Canton (P). A transgender woman returns home for the first time since transitioning to see her parents and must contend with their anxiety and disapproval as well as her own trepidation and fears for this long-awaited dinner.

Kyrah Hetaraka (W/D) and Angela Cudd (P). A young Māori girl and her mother struggle to navigate the impending possibility of their separation, as a custody battle driven by racial bias will ultimately decide their fate.

Hweiling Ow (W/D) and Mia Maramara (P). A sexually frustrated young woman is desperate to persuade her human-sized vagina to play ball when she bumps into an ex-boyfriend.

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