Hear from Dame Helen Mirren at Women's Voices Now online Film Festival

Posted Thursday 04 Mar 2021

Tickets are on sale for the Women's Voices Now Online Film Festival event, 11 March, 11:00am-12:15pm PST! Hear from keynote speaker & Academy Award-winner Helen Mirren, while supporting inspiring women filmmakers advocating for womens' & girls' rights!

Click here to get your ticket and gain month-long access to the selected films on demand!

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Māori Television RFP has April deadline

Posted Thursday 04 Mar 2021

Māori Television is requesting Full Proposals for the Te Māngai Pāho and New Zealand On Air Co-Fund Round 3 2021.

The Full Proposal Deadline to Māori Television is Wednesday 7th April 2021, at 1pm.

Please also note:

Full proposals must meet Co Fund Round 3 RFP guidelines.

Each proposal must be accompanied with a completed MTS coversheet - to get one, contact toni.hoete@maoritelevision.com

All attachments must be PDF (please do not send a google link or embed links into emails)

Email proposals to: proposals@maoritelevision.com by the deadline time.

For further information regarding 2021 funding rounds, please visit the respective Funder websites:

NZOA - www.nzonair.govt.nz

TMP - www.tmp.govt.nz