Māori Television RFP has April deadline

Posted Thursday 04 Mar 2021

Māori Television is requesting Full Proposals for the Te Māngai Pāho and New Zealand On Air Co-Fund Round 3 2021.

The Full Proposal Deadline to Māori Television is Wednesday 7th April 2021, at 1pm.

Please also note:

Full proposals must meet Co Fund Round 3 RFP guidelines.

Each proposal must be accompanied with a completed MTS coversheet - to get one, contact toni.hoete@maoritelevision.com

All attachments must be PDF (please do not send a google link or embed links into emails)

Email proposals to: proposals@maoritelevision.com by the deadline time.

For further information regarding 2021 funding rounds, please visit the respective Funder websites:

NZOA - www.nzonair.govt.nz

TMP - www.tmp.govt.nz