Sasha's over the rainbow in WIF LA programme

Posted Thursday 18 Mar 2021

Sasha's over the rainbow in WIF LA programme

WIFT NZ member Sasha Rainbow is one of eight female filmmakers accepted into the Los Angeles WIF 2020 mentoring programme as a writer/director. Sasha is working on her feature film called The Actress, a comedy/mystery about a wannabe actress whose luck changes when she discovers her doppelganger is a reclusive Hollywood star.

The programme nurtures emerging talent in the entertainment industry by connecting accepted Mentees with established professionals for advice and guidance. Sasha's two mentors are writer/director Shaz Bennett and agent, manager and media consultant Patt Quin.

We asked what advice she had for anyone wanting to apply for a similar programme:

"Be very clear about what your goals are in relation to where you're at in your career, and why this moment in time the programme would make a big difference to it.

Whatever you're doing needs to feel like there's an urgency to it. I always say, the train has to be moving, and so people have to think quick if they want to jump on.

I also made a little treatment which I added to my application so they could get more of a feel for who I was, that covered where I came from and press clippings etc and photos of my journey as a filmmaker which I hoped would give it a personal touch."

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