Six Angry Women to screen on TVNZ and at the Female Eye Festival

Posted Thursday 04 Mar 2021

Six Angry Women to screen on TVNZ and at the Female Eye Festival

A big woop woop! for Megan Jones whose documentary Six Angry Women has been selected for The Female Eye Film Festival, one of top women's film festivals in the world.

Meanwhile, TVNZ has scheduled Megan's 90-minute feature documentary to air on International Womens Day - Monday March 8, at 8.30pm.

Heres a brief synopsis of what Six Angry Women is all about.

In 1984, six female terrorists kidnapped an Auckland University Lecturer, assaulted him and chained him to a tree in a violent political action.

The event triggered debates about gender politics and vigilante justice that divided New Zealand and led to social change - including the introduction of harassment protocols at Auckland University, and fed rape reform laws. But the mysteries of who the six women were and why they attacked the man they did have remained unsolved.

With the resurgence of feminism and the rise of call-out culture, documentary filmmaker Megan Jones started to wonder if she'd missed an incredible story that was right under her nose. See, the man who was kidnapped was a drama lecturer named Mervyn Thompson and Megan's mother (and fellow WIFT member) Paula Jones - who was one of his students - was in the thick of it.

Three decades after the bizarre attack, Megan reopens the cold-case and tries to find out not only who the six women were, but what drove them to such an unprecedented action.

Megan's first feature-length production included her first drama shoot involving stunts, intimacy coordinators and Covid delays. It was produced by herself, Jill Soper and Sam Blackley, with associate producers Stacey Murdoch and Claire Logan, with cinematography by Nina Wells and Jake Bryant.