Put yourself in the limelight with MediaXchange

Posted Tuesday 11 May 2021

Put yourself in the limelight with MediaXchange

This Zoom-based programme is aimed at boosting the knowledge and contacts of entertainment industry creatives and producers. Called Limelight – Accelerating through the International Film and TV Business with Angus Finney, it aims to help expand your knowledge of the changing industry, to accrue new contacts and to enhance your understanding about the evolving Entertainment Value Chain.

Limelight will cover:

  • The contextual framework required to engage and analyse how the film and TV business is structured and changing
  • Strategies to develop a slate of projects and consider key elements of business planning and the advancement of your company
  • Access to a range of experienced practitioners and top industry decision makers
  • The course also addresses the on-going challenge of digital and social disruption and the rise of alternative circulation and distribution platforms
  • Technical guidance and individual career and strategic company support

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