Screen Industry Guild's reminder about weekend hours

Posted Tuesday 11 May 2021

Screen Industry Guild's reminder about weekend hours

Here's a reminder from the Screen Industry Guild about working hours and weekends for production crews. 

The Blue Book contains the standard conditions for the engagement of screen production crew in New Zealand. This guideline document of best practice has been agreed to and endorsed by SPADA, NZAPG and SIGANZ.  

It has come to the Screen Industry Guild’s attention that some productions are engaging crew on a five-day working week and offering only a 34-hour weekend.  

The Blue Book clearly encourages productions to give their crew a minimum of 58 hours off for a weekend break based on a 5-day week.  

We strongly recommend all productions to align their weekends with the Blue Book so crew can have a proper break that is best for their physical, mental health and safety.  

See Blue Book guidelines below:  


20.2 The minimum duration of a day off is 24 hours per day (+ 10 hours turnaround). Eg for a five-day week, a minimum of 48 hours + 10 hours = 58 hours off. Eg for a six-day week,  a minimum of 24 hours + 10 hours = 34 hours off.  

For further information see the link on page 23