TVNZ planning major changes to its OnDemand platform

Posted Tuesday 11 May 2021

TVNZ planning major changes to its OnDemand platform

Sit down with your favourite brew and have a read of this excellent article by The Spinoff. Duncan Grieve interviews TVNZ head Kevin Kenrick who reveals that the state broadcaster is "planning a major reimagining of its TVNZ OnDemand platform that will ultimately lead it into a post-linear TV future."

This includes multiple online-only channels, expansion of its digital news offering, and confirmation of an ad-free paid subscription service. 

The article quotes Kenrick as saying, “The future is going to require multiple monetisation streams – I think it’s going to be pretty hard to do it solely on any one.” The new version of TVNZ OnDemand will go “beyond just being the on demand version of what we’ve got, to actually being the digital version of TVNZ that replaces broadcast”.

The article goes o to say that "This will initially involve a re-platforming of TVNZ OnDemand which will ultimately allow for a far more complex product, including paid subscriptions. The new version could launch as soon as this year, though subscriptions won’t be turned on until the company judge the service has reached sufficient scale."

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