Posted Tuesday 11 May 2021


Animated short film Trap has been scooping up awards at festivals around the world. Written by Kahra Scott-James (who also did the sound design), Trap has screened in more than 130 film festivals, and taken home more than 30 awards including Best International Animation at the New York State International Film Festival, Best Design at the Khem Animation Film Festival in the USA, and Best Director at the New York Animation Film Awards.

Directed by Paul James and produced by Auckland design studio Waxeye, the film is based on a true story. Set in Nelson during the late 1950s, it follows seven-year old adoptee Christine who finds herself struggling to adapt to her new home. The script was developed through conversations with the real-life Christine, Kahra and Paul’s mother.

The couple that adopted her also faces difficulties beyond a child’s ability to comprehend; consequently, all three are trapped. Christine finds solace in the creepy-crawly world under the rocks and the insect ecosphere reflects Christine’s fractured reality and helps her find a way to set everyone free.

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