Mantel's Chatham Islanders series on screen now

Posted Tuesday 23 Nov 2021

Mantel's Chatham Islanders series on screen now

Check out this engaging documentary from Kathleen Mantel, airing now on Māori Television. A new episode of Chatham Islanders screens every Monday at 8pm, and it is also available on demand.  

Kathleen, who spent five weeks filming on the island, says she found it interesting that many previous stories about the islands have been told by, and about, the men who live there.

“It really made me think about authorship, and what an audience has access to just by the whose eye makes the decisions about what is seen on screen.”

The women on the islands are wonderful and Kathleen's series features many of their stories.

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Image: Lois Croon and weka. Weka can be eaten on the islands and are a bit of a pest.