VIDEO SLOT: Loko: A Story Of Redemption

Posted Tuesday 09 Nov 2021

VIDEO SLOT: Loko: A Story Of Redemption
Video Slot this week is documentary series Loko: A Story of Redemption, now streaming on the NZ Herald website. It's about the rise, fall and redemption of hip hop artist KD Lok in a story of music, mental health and Māoritanga. Producers Ness Patea and Ruth Korver told us that the seven-episode doco, funded by NZ On Air, was a few years in the making and that they are really proud of it. Ness is also pleased she was able to put her hometown of Titirangi on the screen while telling this special story. 

The links to the seven episodes are below - total viewing time is 52 minutes.

Episode one: Finding Loko

Episode two: Hip-Hop for Life

Episode three: Breaking Point

Episode four: Way out West

Episode five: To Waitangi

Episode six: A come back

Episode seven: Ooga Booga