Brownlie's short Perfect Storm selected for European festivals

Posted Tuesday 12 Oct 2021

Brownlie's short Perfect Storm selected for European festivals

Morag Brownlie's short film Perfect Storm premieres this week at two Oscar qualifying festivals. It was the opening film ahead of 36 hours of films in Greece's Thessaloniki Short Film Festival and will screen at the A-list Warsaw Film Festival tomorrow. It has also been selected for festivals in Croatia, Spain and Italy.

Morag reports that she had to turn down Venice Shorts in Los Angeles and another festival in Scotland to honour her world premieres to the above festivals. It's nice to be in demand! 

Perfect Storm follows one man's enforced isolation during a Covid-19 lockdown. He paces the beach, wondering if those dear to him will ever be seen again. Majestic, intimate and moving, this short film is sure to resonate with all who have been separated from their loved ones. 

Featuring music by Taite award-winner Sean Donnelly (SJD) with New Zealand Opera singers, photography by Phill Prendeville, Sam Evans and Sam Tozer, SFX by Harriet Thompson and performances by actors Pita Turei and Te Hookioi Graham Ratahi. 

Watch the trailer to Perfect Storm