NZ On Air COVID-19 relief funding for productions

Posted Tuesday 12 Oct 2021

NZ On Air COVID-19 relief funding for productions

NZ On Air says it has been successful in securing access via the Ministry for Culture and Heritage to unspent funds from last year’s Screen Production Relief Fund. These funds are available through until end of June 2022, acknowledging that we may ping around alert levels for a wee while yet.

These funds are for productions funded through NZ On Air that have been shut down, delayed or constrained by COVID-19.

A reminder about the settings for this fund:

  • Applicants can only apply for additional costs that are explicitly attributable to a change in the New Zealand COVID-19 alert level status.
  • The funding may only be used to support individual New Zealand-based screen productions.
  • Productions must be receiving funding from NZ On Air and must not be included in the Screen Sector Indemnity Scheme.
  • The funding can cover things like close down and set up costs, travel costs and additional interest payments.

If you wish to apply to the fund please read the Eligibility Criteria first.

It is expected that you will have exhausted all other options before you apply to this fund. NZOA would prefer also to receive just one application per production. Subsequent applications from an individual production will be de-prioritised, behind first-time applicants.

NZOA is currently accepting applications from productions that have a clear path back into production and where the additional funding required can be accurately assessed. Applications will be processed in batches, and we will endeavour to take no more than 3-4 weeks to make funding relief decisions.

If you have questions please contact Glenn Usmar, Associate Head of Funding – Systems.